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Adrenaline Medical Conference, or AMCON as we have come to call it, is one of the largest Undergraduate medical conferences in the entire nation. A brainchild of students from Smt.NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad, it was conducted for the first time in 2016. Having grown tremendously, it is now a pioneer in its field. We are proud to state that AMCON 2020 will be a landmark 5th edition.

Boasting a rich research environment, we enrolled over 2500 delegates within a mere span of 3 years. AMCON includes Research Presentations, Hands On Workshops, Keynote Speakers, Events, Pre-Conference Ice Breaker as well as a Gala Dinner.

Workshops have always been an integral element of AMCON. In the past 4 years, we have conducted a number of workshops, all of them unique and interesting in their own way. Our workshops for 2020 include some extremely enlightening topics such as :

Category A:

  • Initial Assesment of Trauma & Disaster Triage Workshop
  • Basic Orthopaedic Skills Workshop
  • Basics Of ECG Workshop
  • Aciurgy: A Surgical Workshop
  • Obstetrics & Gynaeclology Workshop

Category B:

  • Save The Newborn: A skill based workshop
  • Ophthalmology Workshop
  • Dermatology Workshop: PRP & Wound Healing
  • Basics of Anaesthesiology
  • Radiocon: A Diagnostics Workshop

Special Workshops:

  • Decoding COVID-19 / nCoV: A Corona Workshop
  • Horror Autotoxicus: An Immunology Workshop

Keynote Speakers another aspect of AMCON we hold immense pride upon. So far, we have had some truly inspirational personalities, luminaries in the field of medicine, deliver some extremely insightful speeches on various issues. Esteemed speakers such as Dr.Vikram Shah, Dr.Sameer Dani, Dr. Ajay Naik and Dr. Rajiv Shah among many others have blessed us with their presence in the past years. We promise to bring you another extraordinary experience this year!

Events : We strongly believe that besides the educational aspects of any event, it must include a platform for a healthy discussion amongst the delegates. To engage this, we organize various events every year, which are always much-anticipated! This time around, we have events such as :

  • Sansad : Reign Of Pandemonium – A platform which promises an opportunity to each participant to voice their political opinions, and allows them to act on them too!
  • Model United Nations – A simulation of one of the meets of the esteemed United Nations, giving us insights upon the workings of the body!
  • Medical Moot Court – A courtroom simulation which promises to bring out a platform to deliberate upon matters concerning medicine, but dealt upon in the realms of Law!
  • Medical Quiz – A quiz comprising of some of the most mind wrenching questions from the field of medicine which promises to test your knowledge of our field to its very core!
  • Off The Cuff – For the first time in AMCON, an extempore platform, testing participants on Rationality vs. Spontaniety by throwing at them some extremely contradictory, diverse and fanatical topics.

Research: The promotion of research in 2016-19 garnered an overwhelming response. With a culture which encourages young and aspiring doctors to explore the realm of research, we have managed to successfully inculcate this spirit with more and more potency every passing year.

Our research presenting platform has attracted attention from undergraduate as well as post graduate medical students from Gujarat, as well as other parts of India. 12 credit hours are awarded, as approved by GMC, which is the maximum ever awarded to PG Students in any medical conference across India.

The 2020 conference deliberations will be on the theme : “Connecting Hemispheres - Neurology, Mental Health, Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences”.

We look forward to open new doors of possibilities for all our delegates!

We promise to bring our delegates a glimpse of the real world, something over and above what our 5.5 year academic cycle offers. It is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

We look forward to seeing you in March, 2020!

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