MSAI Workshops

MSAI Workshops

This year at AMCON 2020, after 4 amazing days of events, workshops, presentations and a truckload of new memories, we are going to have an entire day for some fantastic workshops on very interesting and insightful themes conducted by MSAI, our partner for this year’s conference.

We proudly announce the launch of 5 new workshops by MSAI to be held on 23rd March 2020!

1). HUMAN RIGHTS FOR MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS : SELF DEFENCE, COMMUNICATION AND MENTAL HEALTH ⁃Sometimes, the savior also needs to be saved. This workshop is about instilling certain ethics and morals in young doctors. It focuses on a very vital skill which every doctor should possess in today’s time - self defense.

2). BIOETHICS : An integral aspect of medicine which every doctor should be well versed in. When presented with difficult and complex situations that affect not just their patient’s life but also everyone around them, we should have the ability to analyze a situation and make split second decisions.

This workshop aims to inculcate the basics of bioethics, and their application in real life.

3). SEXSPEAK : Sexuality is a significant part of an individual’s ’lives. But a lack of open and honest communication about sex makes it hard for us to access accurate information. Through this workshop we aim to raise informed trainers who have in-depth knowledge of the concepts of Sexual Pleasure, the role of verbal and non-verbal communication in addressing sexual pleasure and have acquired the skills of Sexual history taking.

4). SLAM - Soft Skills, Leadership And Management : Soft-skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively with other people. As future doctors, it is important for medical students to learn such skills which are rarely touched upon during the formal teaching sessions in colleges.

5). EXCHANGE WORKSHOPS: The Exchanges Workshop is an interactive training on how to be an effective changemaker while giving an insight into the world of running exchanges. The workshop aims at expanding the knowledge on exchange management together with broadening understanding on important aspects that concern exchanges.