Paper & Poster Guidelines

Guidelines for Poster and Paper Presentation

Following points will help researchers on ‘How to improve design and layout of their poster?’

It is absolutely NOT mandatory and up to an individual whether to follow these guidelines or not. One should design his/her poster with innovative ideas.

General aim and format of poster

  • Poster is a graphically based approach for presenting research. In presenting your research with a poster, you should aim to use the poster as a means for generating active discussion of the research.
  • Text should be limited to about one-fourth of the poster space, and more "visuals" (graphs, photographs, schematics, maps, etc) should be used to tell your "research"

Design and layout specifications

  1. Poster should be printed in potrait mode not landscape mode. Size should be 51*42 inch
  2. All the matter should be readable from the distance of 2 meter
  3. The layout should be Top to Bottom and Left to Right. The title should be in Top and Center, Abstract and Introduction in upper left corner and Conclusion in bottom right corner.
  4. Title should be in Times New Romans, Bold, Single line spacing, centered.
  5. The use of presentation tools like figures, charts, tables, etc. is preferable
  6. The use of color illustrations is encouraged in a poster.

Miscellaneous Suggestions

  • SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY. Keep to the point, and don't try to cover too many things. Present only enough data to support your conclusions. On the other hand, make sure that you present sufficient data to support your conclusions.
  • When you begin to make your poster, first create a list of the visuals that you would use if you were describing your project with only the visuals. Write the text after you have created the list of visuals.
  • Before the poster session, rehearse a brief summary of your project. Many viewers will be in a hurry and will want a quick "guided tour" of your poster. Don't be afraid to point out uncertainties in your work; this is where you may get useful feedback.

Things to be kept in mind

  • The Poster should contain the Footer – “This Poster is presented at AMCON-2020 organized by Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad”.
  • The presenting author must remain present during the entire duration allotted for poster presentation.
  • Original Research Work may be presented in a poster in IMRAD format.
  • Clinical cases may also be presented as a poster but here the format shall contain Introduction, Clinical case details and Discussion

Preparing the Oral presentation

  • The oral presentation should be prepared as a Microsoft power point.
  • The presentation should be of 8 minutes with 2 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Font size in the power point shall not be less than 28.
  • First slide shall be the Title slide followed by names of contributors.
  • If the presentation exceeds the time allotted then negative marks shall be given.
  • The decision of the judges shall remain final.